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Governing Board



Excelsior Charter of Broward Board of Directors

Jaime Minor:                  Chairman of the Board

Yhanquel Acosta:                          Treasure

Wanda Vizcarrondo:   Secretary

Chairman contact Information: jminor@excelsiorcharter.com , jminor@everestcharter.com

Board Meetings:

The Board meetings are open to the general public and any member of the school or the community is welcome to participate. If you want to add an item to the quarterly Board meetings email L. Minor at jminor@excelsiorcharter.com with the item title and the requested time. The item will be included on the board meeting agenda, and discussion will take place the day of the board meeting. According to the Sunshine Law, the Chairman or any members of the board are not allowed to have any private discussion about your item or any item on the agenda, until the day of the meeting. All discussion should be public the day of the meeting.  Thank you for your support.

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