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  Download your Excelsior Parent Handbook 2016 by mouse click on the link.

This  Handbook is designed to help you in understand the policies and guidelines used at Excelsior Charter School of Broward.

We have attempted to be as thorough as possible, however, it is impossible to address every situation that could arise during the school year.

Information may change during the school year and you will be notified if any changes take place. Please read the handbook and discuss appropriate items with your child.

We also require you to read the BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL CODE OF CONDUCT by visiting the link below:

Each of these handbooks contains a page that requires the signature of the student and parent/guardian.  These signed forms must be returned to school for placement in the student file.

Please note that students and parents are responsible to abide by the code of conduct of both Excelsior Charter School of Broward and Broward County.

Please complete the parent contract and the handbook acknowledgment pages and return them to your child’s teacher by Friday, August 26th, 2017.

Download your Excelsior Parent Handbook 2016 by mouse click on the link.

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