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Excelsior Charter of Broward

Parent Liaison Information

Dear Parents, this is an overview of the Parent Liaison at Excelsior Charter of Broward.

Parent Liaison: Dr. Stokes
Call my cell at 754-532-3015 Excelsior or E-mail me Leave a message for me in my mailbox in the school office or email me Dr. Stokes

What is a Parent Liaison?

A Parent Liaison is a person employed by Excelsior Charter of Broward who is familiar with the challenges parents face.  Although this person is not a counselor, they work to bridge the communication between school and home by helping parents get the information, support, and help they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success in school.  Parent Liaisons want to empower parents and make sure they that they understand what they can do to get involved, keep informed, and share information to ensure that their child does his or her best.

How can the Parent Liaison Help you?

Sometimes it may be uncomfortable for parents to share questions or concerns directly with their child’s teacher or the administration.  The Parent Liaison can listen to your concerns and then work with you to make sure they are resolved.  Good communication between home and school is important for your child’s success, and your Parent Liaison want to make sure that you understand what you can do to keep the lines of communication open.  The Parent Liaison provides you a private link and another connection to your child’s school.

What kind of assistance can the Parent Liaison provide?

A Parent Liaison can connect you with valuable resources available at your school and in Broward County.

Your Parent Liaison can help you make connections with your school through:

Your Parent Liaison can connect you to important information regarding:

Your Parent Liaison can connect you to support and resources in the event of a crisis situation (emotional, physical, and financial):

Please contact us with anything you need to make sure that your child can focus on their schoolwork rather than their needs.

How can I contact the Parent Liaison at my school?

Please know that all our discussions will be kept confidential.

Dr. Stokes:



Your Parent Liaison is another resource for you to use to ensure your child’s success.