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Excelsior Charter School curriculum meets or goes beyond the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards/Common Core State Standards in all subject areas.

The educational program will help students develop opportunities to interact with one another, apply learning to real-life situations, and use a variety of technological tools beyond the classroom.

In addition to the required Florida State Curriculum, Excelsior Charter School Educational Program includes:


MUSIC: pentagrama

Students in 3 & 4 grades will participate in keyboarding classes 2 times a week under the direction of Emilia Bosan.


Students in K-2 will receive classes in Spanish 2 times a week under the instruction of Emilia Boscan. Students will learn basic conversational Spanish.


Clubs are held on designated days after school.  Each club is sponsored and directed by a teacher.  Clubs are optional and may have a limited amount of participants. Please check the office bulletin board for flyers.


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